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"5.0 out of 5 starsThe Absolute Best Knee Brace Ever! This is easily the best and most comfortable knee brace I ever owned! It is superb!!! Easily outperforms all those so-called copper fit braces. They simply pale by comparison. The price is right with fast service. This is the best! It generates a nice comfortable warmth even outside in colder temps so you don't have to add ointment. Use that at night when the brace is off. I use the Winzone knee brace with a compression stocking on the right arthritic knee which has been badly damaged over the 65 years of my life. They work well together. Put the stocking on first...then the brace over it and your kneecap. Will order another in the future for my other knee. Shoulda got this one in the first place before buying copper! Thanx!"

Just to add another note...I am a very big guy and yet the brace easily fit around my blown up leg & knee cap. So please bear this in mind when wondering about the one-size-fits-all aspect of the brace. It truly does in this case. The velcro straps are extremely durable and I don't see them failing at all anytime soon. Gosh...give this thing ten stars!
-Peter J.

"5.0 out of 5 stars Finally, a knee brace that performs as advertised!
My right knee would buckle when I bowled. I tried two "firm" knee braces, but both were like medieval torture devices. They were extremely uncomfortable and would not stay put. This brace is COMFORTABLE. It fits perfectly and does not move out of place when I bowl. And, most importantly, my knee has not buckled since I began wearing the Winzone knee brace. For me, there are no negatives with this brace. I cannot speak to durability as I haven't had the brace for very long, but so far I am more than satisfied with its comfort and performance."

Stays in place, good support, good quality
My doctor recommended a knee brace that has two straps, one above the knee and one below, so that I could adjust the pressure as needed. She also said I should get one that provides good support, but is not too bulky. This was the perfect brace! Great quality so I will have it for my next knee injury, lol.
-T. Markuson

A perfect one that takes care of my knees
As a baby boomer, my knees are no longer like when I was young. Unlike other low quality similar products, this Knee Brace really doing its job. Most importantly, it helps me for the pain relief, as well as overcome the fatigue problem. I particularly like its user-friendly and ergonomic design and premium material that make me fell very comfortable and satisfied what I paid for. Since it is unisex, fits both left and right knees, and One Size Adjustable, I am going to order one for my wife too!
-Alan C

"Probably One of My All-Time Best Amazon Purchases!
Wow! I just put it on - it feels soooo good already! Amazing comfortable support - and totally adjustable to fit my "larger than average" knee/thigh! It's NOT a SLEEVE - you wrap it around your knee and close it as tightly as you want with the two strong velcro closures. I'm so glad I purchased this knee brace! A really great product at a really great price (as compared to the flimsy drugstore items available locally). Of course... Amazon Prime rocks!"

"His New Favorite Knee Braces, My husband has bad knees so I am always on the search to find something that will make his knees feel better. I don't even know how many different types of knee supports and braces I have bought through out the years and I don't want to think about how much money I have wasted on them. When I received an opportunity to review this #1 Knee Brace at a discount I was excited to see how this one would compare with others I have ordered in the past.

My husband had no problems putting this on and adjusting it to his individual size. He could tell an immediate difference once he put the brace on. He said it gave his knee just the right support to make him comfortable again without all the aches and pains. We have had the brace a few days now and he has worn it every day and he hasn't complained once about his knees aching. To me that says the brace is doing its job.

If you have knee problems I would say this is the brace for you. The price is great and it REALLY WORKS. I had no problems with my order. The brace shipped the same day I ordered and was on my doorstep in 2 days. I would recommend doing business with this company to my family and close friends!"
-Tonight I Review TOP 500 REVIEWER

"5.0 out of 5 stars Stop your search, this is the only knee brace you will ever need!!!
The best knee brace I have ever purchased. First off, it fits!!! I'm a big girl so finding a knee brace that fits has been a struggle. Secondly, it is comfortable. It is like a second skin with excellent support and enough flexibility to be able to do my exercises. There are no rough edges and the Velcro wraps to the front so there is nothing making your skin uncomfortable or itchy or rubbing. Thirdly, the results, my knee did not hurt after I worked out and it did not hurt the next day woo, hoo!!! I have finally found a keeper :) I have been through at least 10 knee braces and this is definitely the one I would recommend. I have no cartilage left in my knee and somehow the fit and compression, of this brace, did the trick. Thank you so much for such a fantabulous product!!!"
-Amazon Customer on October 26, 2015

"I have been is such pain for months, found out I had a torn Medial Meniscus. I was supposed to have PT. I ordered a brace for each knee. I CANCELLED MY PT. After 3 days I'm pain free and my knee is obviously healing. I'm 64 and I know how to deal with pain, with these braces I don't have to. I will wear and reduce time gradually in a couple of weeks. I believed the previous reviews. Glad I did."

"Oh what a good feeling to own a Win Zone! I have been wearing my Knee Brace ever since it arrived a few hours ago today and let me say this...I can honestly say that in that little bit of time, my knee is feeling secure which is allowing me to move more freely! It feels VERY comfortable, not like others I have tried, that made my leg feel like it was cutting off my circulation...I already love it!! Very happy to be part of this test,This item was received free for the purpose of testing for honest and unbiased review. Thanks again!!!"

"This knee brace was for my 12 year old and it was perfect! Soft material and it provided perfect support . The best thing was that is was adjustable with the velcro straps so it fit her little leg perfectly and will grow with her as she needs the support in future years. Great speedy service also!"

Early Sport Injury Pains Gone At Last! I've had knee problems starting all the way back in my early baseball days playing catcher. They got even worse after wrestling for 6 years. This brace is comfortable and really helps take the pain away from my normal everyday activities. I recommend this product 1000%.

"This knee brace is one of the best I've seen/used ever. I highly recommend you starting here if you're in the market for a knee brace. looks like I'll be ordering another way because my wife is claiming mine for herself, lol."